Hillary Jones, ACR UXO Program Manager, presenting an overview of the NHPA to UXO personnel at Vancouver Barracks, Washington.

Regulatory Compliance Training

As the regulatory environment becomes increasingly strict, many domestic agencies and contractors are encountering projects with robust requirements for compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and other laws. Many are also stepping out into foreign markets where the host nation’s laws differ from those of the US market. Many contractors lose profit when contracted to maintain compliance with unfamiliar regulations. A better education in the intricacies of how archaeology laws affect a project is one way to prevent such loss.

ACR offers regulatory compliance training to meet your company’s needs.  Our UXO archaeologists specialize in understanding how the UXO industry’s methods interface with cultural resource laws. From in-house training modules for an entire staff, to project-specific cultural resource awareness training delivered at project kick-off, ACR UXO Division can assemble a training program tailored to satisfy the requirements of our clients.