Archeologists walking survey transects.

Cultural Resource Surveys

In the case of projects functioning under federal monies, permitting, or jurisdiction, these projects qualify as undertakings and are subject to cultural resource laws, including Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Cultural resource surveys are often required for projects to comply with federal laws and land managing agency protocols. ACR provides the full range of cultural resource surveys to get a UXO project from the planning stages to completion. Tasks associated within an archeological survey may include:

  • File/literature search (often referred to as a Class or Level I survey)
    • Identify areas that may require a pedestrian cultural resource survey (often referred to as a Phase I, Class III, or Level III survey)
    • Identify previously recorded archeological sites
    • IIdentify historic properties that may require project avoidance

  • Surveys prior to remediation work, including:
    • Visual reconnaissance
    • Digital geophysical mapping (DGM) transects
    • DGM grids
  • Data recovery and HABS/HAER/HALS
  • Monitoring the removal of UXO from archeological sites
  • Survey report preparation